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Sunday February 12, 2012 23:19

Jessica Simpson Is Super Bowl Sexy

The pregnant celeb shares photos from her fun football weekend. See Jessica looking as beautiful as ever.
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GLADD wants Roland Martin to be fired for his comments related to the David Beckham H&M commercial that aired during last night’s Super Bowl.

Conversely, Karl Rove and a few other Republicans are afraid that a different Super Bowl ad was created with the aim of getting President Barack Obama rehired.

The spot in question is narrated by Clint Eastwood and touts both Chrysler and the turnaround of the auto industry in Detroit, with the actor saying via voiceover: It’s “halftime in America and our second half’s about to begin.”

Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial

Might this be a veiled reference to a second term for Obama?

Rove believes so, pointing to Eastwood’s claim that Detroit “almost lost everything, but we all pulled together” and “now Motor City is fighting again” as support for the administration’s bailout of various companies in the area.

“I was, frankly, offended by it,” Karl Rove told Fox News this morning. “I’m a huge fan of Clint Eastwood, I thought it was an extremely well-done ad, but it is a sign of what happens when you have Chicago-style politics, and the president of the United States and his political minions are, in essence, using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising.”

Michelle Malkin also took issue with what she referred to as an “auto bailout ad,” which is interesting only because Eastwood has typically been known as a strong conservative.

He even told the Los Angeles Times last year: “We shouldn’t be bailing out the banks and car companies. If a CEO can’t figure out how to make his company profitable, then he shouldn’t be the CEO.”

Watch the commercial above and decide: Great ad? Or great ad… with an agenda?

Sunday February 5, 2012 08:06

Girl’s Guide To The Super Bowl


The Breakdown

Who: New England Patriots vs New York Giants
Where: Indianapolis, IN
When: Kick-off is at 6:30 EST
Why it’s important: It’s a rematch. The Pats were on a hot streak when they won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years (2001-2005) and became the eighth team in NFL history to win two consecutive championships until the Giants defeated them in 2008.

Photo: © Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The New England Patriots

Quarterback: Tom Brady became the youngest QB to win three Super Bowls at the age of 28. Originally overlooked in the first rounds of the draft, Brady emerged as one of the best QBs of all time, making for quite the Cinderella story. He’s married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and not hard on the eyes himself.
Coach: Bill Belichick has brought the Pats to the Super Bowl 5 times in his 11 years as head coach. A scandal known as “spygate” left a mark on his legendary record when in 2007 he got the Pats fined for taping another team’s practice.

Photo: © Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The New York Giants

Quarterback: Eli Manning is the younger brother of Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Colts. After taking out the Patriots in 2008’s championship, he finally emerged from his brother’s shadow.
Coach: Tom Coughlin has coached the G-Men since 2004, and apprenticed with Hall of Fame NY Giants coach Bill Parcells. He earned the nickname “Colonel Coughlin” for his strict and meticulous coaching style.
Honorable Mention: Lawrence Tynes, the team’s kicker, saved the G-Men from Super Bowl elimination in 2008 and 2012 with game-ending field goals.

Photo: © Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Super Bowl Styling

Do not go glam on game day. Take a note from Marissa Miller and stick to understated style, like a great fitting pair of jeans. We advise against sporting a football jersey- it’s overkill. Makeup artist Bruce Grayson recommends sticking with a daily moisturizer like Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream before perfecting skin’s appearance with a great foundation, mascara, and some lip gloss.

Photo: © Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage

The Yellow Lines Aren’t Real

The best way to save yourself from embarrassment: knowing that the yellow and blue lines on the field are actually just on TV screens. The yellow line represents a first down, or the spot on the field that the offensive team must get the football to in four plays. The blue line, or line of scrimmage, is the divide that neither team can cross until the play has begun.

Photo: ©

Flag On The Play

It’s a bad thing, like a penalty. Rule of thumb: if your man’s team gets a flag it calls for a “Oh, come on, ref!” But if the opposing team gets a flag, try belting “Good call!”

Photo: © Vico Collective/Blend Images

Drop A Hint

Fun girl fact: The Vince Lombardi trophy, awarded to the MVP (most valuable player) each year, is made exclusively by Tiffany & Co. Your guy is bound to be in a good mood if his QB scores the trophy, making it a great time to segue into a talk about bling.

Photo: © Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Drink Beer

Not every girl likes beer. It tastes way worse than a white wine spritzer and makes you bloated, but on game day we drink beer. There’s nothing a guy dreads more than hearing one girl at the Super Bowl party ask for a cosmo.

Photo: © Kevin Mackintosh/Getty Images

Time Out

While a Super Bowl game can last for hours, there is actually only an average of 12 minutes of playing time in any given football game. The Wall Street Journal found that 56% of the telecast is devoted to replays! We bet you’re glad to have that beer now.

Photo: © Vetta

DVR The Voice

There are plenty of chick-tastic premieres after the Super Bowl, like the return of The Voice. And although you may be stoked to see Christina and the gang select another batch of aspiring singers, we guarantee your guy will feel differently.

Photo: © John Shearer/Getty Images

Madonna will be making a return on Sunday when she takes to the stage for the Super Bowl half-time show.

During the press conference held yesterday at the Super Bowl XLVI Media Center 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the singer revealed that she will be singing renditions of three old songs and her new track, ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’.

She also revealed her bulging biceps in a Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 ensemble straight from the Paris runway.

The look included a cropped pin-stripe vest teamed with matching pants and a white corset with black embroidered details.

She accessorized with a silver crucifix, a twisted wallet chain, black leather gloves – which she now wears everywhere – and black pumps.

I don’t know about you, but I think this look was made for the ‘Material Girl’.

Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, U2, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, The Black Eyed Peas and Janet Jackson are among recent performers on the Super Bowl half-time show.

Jackson’s 2004 performance was the most controversial due to her infamous “wardrobe malfunction”.

Madonna said all efforts had been made to ensure there would not be a similar episode in her show.

“Great attention to detail has been paid to my wardrobe, there will be no wardrobe malfunction – I promise,” she said.

Let’s hope she keeps to her promise.

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Friday February 3, 2012 19:19

Aniston’s Super Sexy Black Dress

The 42-year-old actress stuns in a strapless beaded LBD. See Jen strut her stuff on the red carpet at the Directors Guild Awards
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