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Welcome to the world, Blue Ivy Carter.

Granted, the first offspring of mega couple Beyonce and Jay-Z arrived on January 8, but her first photos only surfaced online today, courtesy of  the rapper’s blog, Life + Times. Look at happy mother and adorable daughter below:

Blue Ivy Photo

At first, of course, there was a question over what the baby’s name actually was, but Beyonce and Jay-Z have most definitely made it very clear: they’ve already moved to trademark the moniker Blue Ivy.

A tad pretentious? Sure. But how can we find any fault in something really to someone so cute?!? Just look at the tyke again:

Blue Ivy Carter Picture

Friday December 30, 2011 20:08

Rihanna Bikini Photos: So Transparent!

Rihanna Bikini Photos: So Transparent!
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Amid reports that she may be rekindling a romance with Chris Brown, Rihanna hit the beach in her native Barbados, without a care in the world and without much clothing.

Hanging out with her little brother at the time, the singer was in a family-oriented mood, but the images that resulted from her romp in the sea were anything but.

Rihanna’s orange bikini turned transparent in the water. Take a look:

Rihanna in Bikini PictureRihanna Nipple SlipRihanna, Bikini

Rihanna makes a splash in the Caribbean.


Thursday December 22, 2011 20:39

Snooki Weight Loss Photos: Through the Years

Snooki Weight Loss Photos: Through the Years
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You gotta hand it to Snooki.

Since she first burst on the scene and out of her pants in late 2009, the girl has gotten progressively thinner, an impressive feat considering she’s a full-blown drunk.

Fortunately, inhaiing Deena’s face means fairly low caloric intake. That’s gotta count for something. And working out helps too of course. She does her GTL.

Take a look at Snooki pictures from last month, late 2010 and early 2010:

Thin Snooki PicSnooki Pre-Weight LossSnooki Poof

Finally, to truly illustrate how far she’s come, take a look back to 2009, before she was famous, during the filming of Season One of Jersey Shore. Words fail us:

Jabba the Snooki

Snooki: Would you smush it?