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An artist’s rendition of what Barbie would look like without makeup is going viral online, and for good reason. The classic all-American girl doll looks natural!

Well, mostly. Ridiculous body proportions aside.

Take a look at Barbie with no make up below …

Barbie With No Makeup

While Barbie’s face is still freakishly out of proportion with your average young woman’s, she does look a bit more human without the blue eye shadow.

Take away that, the lipstick, the penciled-in eyebrows and the fake eyelashes and what do you have? A doll that looks a lot more like the girl next door, for sure.

This isn’t the first time someone has conceptualized a “normal Barbie.” Earlier this year, an artist illustrated what she’d look like with average measurements.

Barbie’s shorter, curvier look earned raves from Demi Lovato and others. Will the no makeup version making the rounds this week draw similar praise?

And would you be more inclined to buy this or the original model? Share your comments on the latest re-imagined, more natural Barbie doll below.

Tuesday December 27, 2011 13:17

How To Apply Makeup Like A Celebrity

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Saturday December 10, 2011 15:29

Holiday Makeup How-To’s

Holiday Makeup How-To’s

Holiday Skin

Who doesn’t love a good holiday party? It’s a night away from the stress of daily life and a possible chance to connect with that special someone. This is why it’s so important to look like the best possible version of yourself. Skin brighteners like Josie Maran’s Argan Illuminizer ($ 28, will make skin glow without feeling too heavy or drying. Read on for application tips!

Holiday Moisturizer

Start with a clean, moisturized face, and apply a thin layer of primer to keep makeup from settling into your creases. Mix a couple drops of illuminizer into your foundation and apply evenly to your whole face. Wait for it to dry before you apply any other makeup, and you will see a noticeable glow, just like the one Mila Kunis is sporting!

Holiday Eyebrows

You may not always take the time to groom your eyebrows, but for a special event, it can really help to emphasize the eyes. To get the perfect brow, you need a tool that is going to help fill, as well as blend. The Smashbox Brow Tech To Go ($ 26, is a double-sided wand with an angled pencil that really gets the job done.

Holiday Eye Shadow

Makeup artist Michelle Phan suggests swirling a small angled makeup brush in a neutral toned eyeshadow and using it to go over your eyebrows. Then, fill in the finer details with your eyebrow pencil. Always blend the color into your eyebrows by using a brow brush. These small tricks will make eyebrows appear fuller and neater.

The color of your eye shadow is less important than how you apply it. A subtle yet beautiful eye can be achieved with a rich bronze eye shadow, like Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadow in Copper Peony ($ 18,, a black eyeliner and a shimmery silver eye shadow.

Apply your eye shadow to the lower lid, and blend it upward onto your upper eye lid. Take your eyeliner and draw a line starting at the outside corner of your eye and work your way inward, making the line more narrow as you get to the inner corner, like Emmy Rossum has done. Line the inner lower lash line (also known as the water line) to make eyes really pop. For some added sparkle, moisten a small makeup brush with water and dip it into silver eye shadow. Dot it onto the inner corner of your eyes and blend.

Holiday cheeks

Pretty pink cheeks are especially noticeable in the winter when skin is known to lose its color and get a little dull. NARS blush in Super Orgasm ($ 27, has a hint of shimmer that will really brighten up a party.

Bright coral cheeks like Emma Watson’s are achieved by applying blush to the apples of the cheeks. Once you have a good amount of color on the skin, blend it upward and outward for a natural flush.

Holiday Lip Color

With all of the eating and drinking and being merry, you’re going to need a long-lasting lip color. Try using a stain that can be applied with a lip brush, like Laura Mercier Lip Stain ($ 20,

How To Apply A Lip Stain
Like Emma Stone, you’re going to need lipstick that’s not going anywhere. Moisturize your lips with chapstick throughout the day, but don’t put any on right before applying your lip stain, or its staying power won’t be as great. It’s also important to not apply any gloss or chapstick to your lips until the stain has completely dried. Remember the most important tip: smile!

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