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Thursday January 5, 2012 00:40

Mariah Carey on Nick Cannon: In Pain, Hopeful

What is the prognosis for the America’s Got Talent host? In a follow-up statement to People, Mariah Carey says she isn’t certain, but adds that Cannon is in “good spirits,” although “the situation is not easy” and he’s in “a lot of pain.”

Carey and Cannon

“We are hopeful that he’ll be 100 percent as soon as possible,” Carey says. “We really appreciate everybody’s love and support.”

Cable is in stable condition and is being transferred to a facility in Los Angeles. Well enough to Tweet, the singer wrote this afternoon:

“Thank you all for all your love, prayers and concern. You know me … I will be a’ight.”


Thursday December 29, 2011 22:23

Mariah Carey Flashes Major Skin

The Grammy-winning singer shows off her gorgeous gams and taught tummy in a new ad campaign. Sneak a peek at her sexy shoot!
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