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5 Things We Learned At Billboard’s Women In Music Event
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Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Daily Makeover was lucky enough to be invited to Billboard’s Women in Music awards event, featuring Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. Taylor was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year and Nicki was given the title of Billboard’s Rising Star. Not only was the Crest 3D White sponsored event loads of fun, but it turned out to be pretty informative. Here are just a few of the things we learned:

1. Nicki’s Attitude Comes From Her Hair

Nicki is no stranger to makeovers. In fact, she showed up on the runway sporting long blonde Rapunzel-like locks. During the awards ceremony she said, “I love changing my look. Hair changes my mood. When I put on pink, I feel euphoric.”

2. Taylor is sporting some new bangs.

Taylor told us that she had been thinking about cutting bangs before, and when someone suggested clip-in bangs for a photo shoot, she just went for it! “It’s fun to change up your look, and I never change it up.” She wore her hair straight for the event, but we’re interested to see how the bangs look with her curly hair.

3. Nicki Minaj eats humble pie.

Nicki has a larger-than-life persona (the clothes, the hair, her own Barbie coming out soon), so we were pleasantly surprised to see what a sweet, humble woman she is. During her acceptance speech, the rapper talked about the many doors that were slammed in her face when she tried to break into the music industry. “I’m no different from any other person, except that I gave it one last try.” She even shed a few tears during her acceptance speech, saying, “Even though they aren’t here, I know my fans will feel it when I say, Barbs, thank you so much!”

4. Taylor Swift really is that nice.

There are those that find Taylor’s gratitude and good manners to be merely an act. Turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She makes eye contact with everyone she meets, she smiles and introduces herself (as if we didn’t know who she is!), and she continues to be thankful for the awards and support she’s given. Katie Couric even asked the starlet if she ever wants to rebel, and Taylor answered, “No. People always ask why they don’t see me falling down drunk at clubs. Because I don’t feel like it!”

5. Nicki’s changing some things up for her sophomore album.

After giving her acceptance speech, Nicki sat down with ABC’s Robin Roberts, who wanted to know about her upcoming album. “I can’t say too much, (but for this album) I just don’t care anymore. I’ve been trying to please everyone, but now I’m just having fun.”

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