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Welcome to CelebrityA.com!

If this is your first time at this website (if you have been here before, you should know better), this is a satirical site. Nothing we say, should be construed as factual reporting or anything more than irreverent commentary and satire and you should not take a single word we say here seriously. Do not say that we did not warn you.

With that little warning over and done with let me introduce you to the team:

Author: Jonny
Itsssssss Jonny!

A self-confessed George Clooney fan and blogger-holic. Jonny has been writing and developing websites since 2001, back when he was 17! He now likes to waste spend his time with his buddies whilst keeping a keen eye on what is going on in the world.

Author: Tina
Ms Tina

Tina describes herself as a typical girly-girl. However don’t write her off as a push over, this young lady has got a sharp mind and a quick tongue to go with it. She is currently obsessed with Jimmy Choo shoes, she has 7 pairs in counting! This little lady loves to write and shop whilst playing with her pet Chihuahua (don’t ask us how she does it all at once).

Author: Markus
Vain Marky

Markus’s favorite person is himself….closely followed by himself. His vanity is unrivaled (Hence the “try hard” mug shot!) along with his ego. Cross this super diva and you will know about it. In a past life he has modeled and mingled with some of the top names in the industry.