Saturday March 10, 2012 15:09

Starbucks To Sell Single-Cup Coffee Makers!

Posted by Markus_Bitch

Need your daily Starbucks fix???

Soon, you’ll be able to be your OWN barista and brew your own single-cup coffees!

This fall, Starbucks’ Versimo one-cup home coffee maker will go on sale online, at high-end specialty stores and EVEN at some Starbucks stores!

Unlike Keurig machines, Versimo can make espresso drinks too, not just coffee. Starbucks previously partnered with Keurig to sell K-cups for basic brewed coffee and in 2009, started selling Via Ready Brew instant coffee.

CEO Howard Schultz believes that these goods could one day be in direct competition with Starbucks’ actual cafes.

Will you be buying a Versimo this fall??

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