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Insanely Expensive Celebrity Accessories

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The $ 100k Shopping Spree

Kim Kardashian and her mom recently went to Paris for a little shopping and spent well over $ 100,000 on purses at the Hermes store. How many purses? Only seven! One of the famous bags was reportedly over $ 30,000, which isn’t exactly a surprise since Kim is rarely seen without her $ 50,000 Birkin bag.


The $ 350 Face Cream

SK-II’s LX Revival Cream is quite pricey at $ 350 a jar, but it might just be worth it. The cream is made with their highest concentration of Pitera, which is a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that work together to enhance the renewal of the skin’s outer layer. Obviously such an expensive cream isn’t realistic for everyone, but seeing as how this product is responsible for Cate Blanchett’s glowing skin, we might start saving up.


The $ 5,000 Mani

Rihanna looked amazing at this year’s Grammy’s, but it was her manicure we couldn’t stop obsessing over. The polish, “Amor 24,” is made of 24 carat gold and retails for $ 5,000! This is one manicure that better never chip.
Celeb Manis At The Grammy’s


The $ 68 Million Diamond Ring

The first of its kind, this all-diamond ring is worth $ 68 million! Suddenly, even the most impressive celebrity engagement ring looks puny in comparison…


The $ 600 Haircut

It was reported earlier this year that Jennifer Aniston spends over $ 140,000 a year on her beauty routine alone! One major contributor to that big bill is her haircuts with Chris McMillian, the man who skyrocketed her career with “The Rachel” cut. Now every time he snips her hair, she hands over $ 600.


The $ 755 Manolos

Does this silver slipper look familiar? It should! In the episode “A Right To Shoes” on Sex And The City, Carrie’s Manolo Blahniks are stolen at a party. In the episode, Carrie reveals her pair cost her $ 485. Today, they are sold at Bergdorf Goodman and will set you back $ 755! So while they aren’t in season and they aren’t vintage, this pair of Manolos has skyrocketed in value.
First Look At The Carrie Diaries

The $ 8 Million iPhone

And we thought our iPhone was expensive! This rose gold version is covered in diamonds (553 to be exact) and has a 7.4 ct pink diamond set in platinum. Dropping this phone might just cause us to go into cardiac arrest.

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