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The Weird New Spa Trend Sweeping The Nation

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Bliss Spa has added the Rhythm and Bliss massage to its menu in New York and Hoboken, a treatment that sets a classic rubdown in time with rock n’ roll music.

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Bliss isn’t the only spa adjusting clients to unconventional updates. One spa in Arizona boasts a machine that “appears to have been designed by aliens to probe the human body. (The spa advertises that the resultant feeling has been described as ‘soaring Superman-style to distant galaxies’),” writes the New York Times. The Qua Baths and Spa at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas has added a massage with colored lights to its menu, and the Mii Amo spa in Sedona employs a table that shakes and saunters to imitate the motion of water.

The most eccentric (and popular) massage at the moment is offered by the Mandarin Oriental, Boston, and requires the client to hold several precious gemstones and decide which one “speaks to you.” Then, the stone is placed on the client’s head or lower back during the massage, and can be purchased after the treatment for an additional fee.

The Rhythm and Bliss massage will run you $ 155, while the Mandarin Oriental’s gemstone massage costs $ 280 Monday-Thursday and $ 295 on the weekends… without purchase of your unique gemstone.

Are you interested in this new breed of spa treatments?

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