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How To Look Hot At The Gym

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Primp For A Better Workout
As beauty lovers, we can all agree that a swipe of lip gloss or mascara can instantly boost one’s confidence. And more confidence equals more energy. This is especially true when you hit the gym (especially if there are any hotties that you may have your eye on). Now, we’re not saying you need to spackle on a full face of makeup or pull out designer duds for spin class, but looking good can translate into feeling good and getting a better workout. Here are some easy, sweat-proof ways to look great for the gym.

Be Comfy, Look Cute
Remember, the most important thing is your workout. And if you are not comfortable, you are not going to perform to your potential. Don’t wear super tight clothing that may hinder your ability to move, even if it may catch the eye of your gym crush. But, don’t go all out in baggy clothes that will make you look and feel lazy. Create a balance of tight and loose clothing for comfort and a flattering silhouette.

Sport Brightly Colored Kicks
The more you like your workout clothes, the more likely you’re going to wear them. Add just a pop of color to the most boring part of your outfit, aka your running sneakers, to help you out the door. Tango Tangerine is the hot color right now and they are all over running sneaks this season, such as the Asics GEL-FLUENT® 4 ($ 85,

Invest In A Good Waterproof Mascara
The only makeup you really need to wear to the gym is waterproof mascara. Foundations may clog your pores, and there’s no need for blush since you’ll be working up a natural rosy glow. A few swipes of mascara will define your eye shape and make your no-makeup look seem more polished. We love: Lancôme ‘Hypnôse Drama’ Waterproof Instant Full Body Volume Mascara ($ 26, Of course, if your lips are chapped, use some tinted lip balm as well. Try Burt’s Bees’ Tinted Lip Balm ($ 7,

Move Beyond The Ponytail
The main priority for doing your hair is that it is off your face and away from your eyes. But that doesn’t mean you have to necessarily go with a boring pony either. Opt for a braid, topknot or ballerina bun. Keep loose bangs back with a headband that doesn’t slide while you move, such as Under Armor’s mini headbands. But stay clear of the sweatband. That’s a look that should never leave an 80s music video.


Leave with Textured Waves
Looking good post workout is even more important when you’re heading from the gym to your next activity and a shower just isn’t in the cards.
On busy days, put your hair into a high braided ballerina bun. After your workout, remove for wispy waves like Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova. Spray with dry shampoo to eliminate grease. We love TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo, For Oily/Straight to Normal Hair.

Cool Down, Touch Up
If you need to tone down a super flushed face, go for a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream after washing your face with cold water. Reapply tinted lip balm or go with a lip tint to bring it up a notch. One of our favorites is LipSurgence™ Natural Matte Lip Tint by Tarte. And when that cute guy in your kickboxing class asks for your number, you’ll know who to thank! Your welcome in advance!

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