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What Stories Were Most Searched For in 2011?

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What Stories Were Most Searched For in 2011?
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Casey Anthony may have killed her daughter. America’s number-one enemy was brought to deadly justice. Herman Cain and Rick Perry provided endless hours of entertainment… for Democrats, at least.

Indeed, 2011 was a diverse year in terms of online searches. With Bing already having come out with its most searched-for celebrities of the last 12 months, we now present the website’s most popular online stories from the same time period. First, in video form. Then, your basic list:

Top Bing Stories of 2011play

Top Bing Stories of 2011

  1. Casey Anthony trial
  2. Osama Bin Laden death
  3. Hurricane Irene
  4. Japan Earthquake/Tsunami
  5. Amy Winehouse death
  6. Joplin Tornado
  7. Conrad Murray trial
  8. 9/11 10-Year Anniversary
  9. Republican Candidates/Herman Cain, Rick Perry
  10. Haiti anniversary

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