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Tuesday January 10, 2012 15:29

Katy Perry speaks out post split

The singer takes to twitter to clear up gossip surrounding her break up with Russell Brand.

Saturday January 7, 2012 22:46

Jeff Bratton Confirms Split with Paula Abdul

Straight up, Jeff Bratton is telling us what went down with her and long-time boyfriend Paula Abdul.

Paula and I split in November,” the record label owner tells People. “It was an amicable thing. But between the final months of X Factor and my responsibilities with [my label] Cascine, there was little time for us.”

Pic of Paula Abdul

Abdul met Britton on a flight early last year and split time with him between her home in Los Angeles and his in New York.

The latter says he and the reality show judge remain “close” and “I’ll always be grateful for the time we shared as a couple.”