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Sunday February 12, 2012 02:05

Blunt Bangs – The Pros and Cons


137983634.jpg(Normal Thumbnail)Reese Witherspoon opted for the bang to hide a scar on her forehead.

Whether or not bangs are your go-to for a little hairstyle switch-up or you haven’t sported them since your Girl Scout days, they are clearly the latest hair trendto hit Hollywood!

As seen on Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon and Liv Tylerthis week, the long, thick, blunt bang is huge this season. But before you make the cut, weigh the pros and cons for this high maintenance ‘do!


Pro: Bangs Glam Up Straight Hair

Rachel, Reese and Liv all have one thing in common: straight locks. Bangs are the perfect solution for adding some edge to an otherwise bland hairstyle. To get the look, celebrity hairstylist and Nexxus Salon Hair Care Creative Director Kevin Mancuso suggests using a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t overly soften hair which can make bangs lok greasy even when they are clean. Try Nexxus ProMend Split End Treatment Daily Shampoo and ProMend Split End Binding Daily Conditioner to build smooth bangs with volume.

Con: Bangs are High Maintenance for Textured Hair

Mancuso warns that if you have unruly textured hair, bangs are difficult to maintain and a daily time consuming straightening process is mandatory. But if you just can’t resist trying the trend, use a shaping styler like Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Bodifying Mousse on damp hair and blow dry bangs down, creating controlled volume. “Use your fingers and the force of the air to style,” says Mancuso. “This works well for a softer sexy look.”

137983634.jpg(Normal Thumbnail)Liv Tyler chose a longer bang to accentuate her lips.

Pro: Bangs Can Draw Focus to Your Best Features

For heart shaped and oval faces, bangs frame the face and accentuate your best features: your eyes and lips. To emphasize the eyes, get brow-level bangs. Want to play up your lips? Aim for cheekbone level.

Con: Beware of the Cowlick

Mancuso warns that “bangs cut on a cowlick may look good when you leave the salon but you may be arm wrestling with it at home.” He offers a quick styling tip. Using a Denman brush, go back and forth through the bang with the brush following the dryer. “This will ‘neutralize’ the growth pattern of the cowlick and help it lay flat. The biggest mistake is to take a round brush and overextend your bangs, creating more of an awning than a bang.,” advises Mancuso. To create the turned under affect, use a round brush to lock in place.

Pro and Con: Fringe Can Make You Look Younger

Not only are bangs sexy, but they make women look younger by covering lines and softening the whole face. But with thick, blunt bangs you may enter the danger zone of appearing too young. Think Punky Brewster.

So what do you think? Is a blunt bang worth the extra styling? If anything, you will get lots of one-on-one time with your hair stylist. And who says you need a valentine?

Thursday February 9, 2012 02:38

The Makeover Poll: Liv Tyler Gets Bangs

Which look is best?

Liv Tyler

Before: No Bangs

After: Blunt Bangs

Photo: © (Before) C Flannigan/Film Magic (After) Marc Stamas/Getty Images

Before: Wavy with bangs

After: Sleek layers