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Teens Ask “Am I Ugly?” On YouTube

Posted by Markus_Bitch

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We’ve heard the horror stories of kids being constantly ridiculed on facebook and twitter and the rash decisions that sometimes result. Even so, youth are still conjuring up new ways to bash each other on the internet.

Both girl and boy teens and tweens have been posting “Am I Ugly” videos on YouTube, asking viewers if they are ugly and/or fat. According to Dailymail, these videos have been posted for the past two or three years but have just recently been hitting views in the millions.

Many viewers complement and reassure that there is no need to question their attractiveness while others find joy in the teens’ insecurities. This brings bullying to a new level because by posting videos, these kids are asking for the ridicule. They are bringing all eyes to their insecurities.

Adolescence is a vulnerable time when children struggle to learn who they are in this society that paints intangible beauty as the norm. Now is the time for our youth to stick together and enjoy what makes them different.

The beauty industry has responded, most notably with Dove’s Self Esteem Weekend campaign. For the past two years, the company has held confidence-building weekends, with events across the country.

Here’s to hoping that companies follow Dove’s lead with their own campaigns. But will it be enough?

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