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Nicki Minaj’s Superbowl Diva Requests

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We actually once described songstress and beauty maven Nicki Minaj as humble after meeting her at VH1’s Women In Music event. Well the star is performing at this Sunday’s Superbowl (finally a half-time show we’re excited for!), and now that her rider list has been revealed, we might have to re-think that comment.

When drawing up a contract for a big event, celebrities will often include a list of backstage requests, regarding food and drinks. These riders range from very simple to absolutely absurd, and Nicki’s falls a bit to the crazy side. Here are some of her backstage must-haves:

1. Two dozen pink or white roses

2. Scented candles that smell like baked goods

3. Hot tea setup with lemon wedges, sugar and honey

4. Throat lozenges

5. 12 bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Juice (6 room temp, 6 iced)

6. 3 twelve-piece buckets of fried chicken spicy (no thighs, lots of wings)

7. Egg Whites (scrambled hard), Turkey Bacon (fried hard), white toast (grape and strawberry jelly/jam). Belgian Waffles (syrup, powdered sugar, whipped cream, butter and strawberries on side) Enough to serve 4 people

8. Three packs of gum in different flavors

These are only some of the requests Nicki made. While she does come off as a diva, we’d be remiss not to give her a counter kudos for supporting the MAC Aids Fund with her and Ricky Martin’s new Viva La Vida Glam makeup line (available in March).

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