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Marilyn Monroe Inspired MAC Collection

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You would think after all of the Marilyn we’ve seen this past year, we’d want something a little more fresh. But, with Michelle Williams nominated for an Oscar this Sunday and NBC’s Smashpremiering only weeks ago, our brains are still fixated on the blonde bombshell. And now MAC has decided to jump on the bandwagon with a Marilyn inspired 30-piece makeup collection!

Oscar Party Must Haves

MAC is partnering with Authentic Brands Group LLC. According to WWD, the company acquired the intellectual property of Marilyn Monroe last January.

Mad Men Makeup Collection by Estee Lauder

Complete with eye shadows, nail polishes, eyeliners and lipsticks, the products range from $ 15 to $ 27. The line doesn’t launch until October, so play with some bright red lipsticks and thick black liner to hold you over in the time being!

Will you be jumping on the Marilyn bandwagon?

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