Friday January 27, 2012 15:21

Rihanna’s New Knuckle Tattoo

Posted by tina_peril


Rihanna_Thug_Life_Zoom.jpg (Slideshow)Photo: Rihanna’s Twitter

Rihanna has just added a new tattoo to her tiny frame that already boasts 15 visible pieces of ink.

At first we thought, ‘Ok, she’s getting rebellious,’ when the singer debuted a trail of stars leading down the back of her neck a few years ago. Then, we raised an eyebrow when she started sporting a small handgun on her ribcage. And by the time she etched “rebelle fleur” on her neck, we had really started to worry. Consider us officially concerned for Rihanna’s well being (this is one paparazzi brawl and shaved head away from a Britney-style conservatorship) because RiRi just tweeted this picture of “Thug Life” tattooed across her knuckles.

The pop star posted this snapshot along with several others, all chronicling her trip to a tattoo parlor. Not only did Rihanna leave with these new letters, but the photos show the songstress lounging with a beer while an artist works on her lower back.

Do you like Rihanna’s new ink, or did she go too far?

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