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Sammi Giancola Previews “Happier” Season of Jersey Shore
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After some fistfights with JWoww and screaming matches with Ronnie, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola somehow managed to mellow out in Season 4 of Jersey Shore.

What can we expect from her in the coming fifth season?

“We were so happy to be home,” she said. “We went straight from Italy to Seaside with no breaks, so we were extremely comfortable with each other.”

“You’re gonna see a happier side of Jersey Shore.”

Sammi Sweetheart Photo

At least for a time. There are apparently some explosive developments this season (and every season), namely Vinny Guadagnino peacing out of Seaside.

Don’t expect too much drama from Sam, though.

“The new season was actually really good for me and Ron,” she said. “But then things happened – and now we’re single. I’m just working on myself now.”

No word if she and Ron have gotten back together in the time it took us to put together this post, but check out the Jersey Shore Season 5 trailer below:

Wednesday December 28, 2011 15:26

Top 10 New Year’s Eve Hairstyles

Dianna Agron

Ladies with cropped cuts can have plenty of fun with their hair on New Year’s Eve. Take a page from Dianna Agron, who topped herself off with a rock-studded ethereal headband during a recent night out.

Try on Dianna Agron’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Gabrielle Union

Hoping for a midnight kiss? The go-to sexy ‘do is always long, tousled waves. Blow hair dry and create luminous spirals with a medium barrel curling iron.

Try on Gabrielle Union’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Annalynne McCord

If you’re spending the night at a hot and humid bar, opt for a chic updo alla AnnaLynne McCord. This style takes seconds to do (make a pony, coil hair, and pop in a few bobby pins) and can be easily updated all night.

Try on Annalynne McCord’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Abigail Breslin

As one of the many stars of New Year’s Eve, this actress has some authority on December 31st styling. Copy Breslin’s deep part for a mock-bang and serious sex appeal.

Try on Abigail Breslin’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Zoe Saldana

Keep it classy while everyone else is knee deep in champagne. Zoe’s French New Wave pouf is chic, and made provocative with a few face-framing strands.

Try on Zoe Saldana’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Ashley Benson

The starlet’s rockstar waves are perfect for a night of hard partying. For simpler styling, start with a beach-y texturizer, like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, that’ll do most of the work for you.

Try on Ashley Benson’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Freida Pinto

Part messy updo, part polished bun, Freida Pinto’s hairstyle is perfect for the girl who can’t make up her mind. Dance the night away or sip cocktails with friends. Either way, your hair is ready for the party.

Try on Freida Pinto’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Blake Lively

No Best Hair list is complete without the Upper East Side’s resident Rapunzel. Get Blake’s famous tousled waves by finger-drying hair with defrizzing product, and loosely wrapping one-inch sections around a 1 ½ inch curling iron.

Try on Blake Lively’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Selena Gomez

For glam goddesses like Selena, no style is complete without serious shine and some Old Hollywood attitude. Work tightly wound curls into looser finger waves by breaking them up with a wide toothed comb.

Try on Selena Gomez’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Audrina Patridge

A curly mane is the perfect accessory for any evening gown. Work this uber-styled hair at a formal event and no one will be able to avert their eyes long enough to catch the ball drop.

Try on Audrina Patridge’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Photo: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Wednesday December 28, 2011 08:08

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady: Engaged!?

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady: Engaged!?
Celebrity News

Steven Tyler is engaged to Erin Brady, according to reports.

TMZ spotted a rock on her finger this weekend and cites sources claiming it is in fact an engagement ring. It is a rather large diamond, for sure.

Tyler, 63, and Brady, 38, were in Maui on Christmas day along with her massive ring. It’s unclear if Tyler proposed before or during the vacation.

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady

Erin Brady with Steven Tyler at an event in 2010.

The two have been dating since 2006. The American Idol judge and Aerosmith rock legend has been married twice before. Liv Tyler is his daughter.

Congratulations to the couple if the happy news is indeed true!


Tuesday December 27, 2011 23:06

Ashley Tisdale’s casual capped hairstyle

Ashley Tisdale’s casual capped hairstyle
Celebrity Hairstyles

Ashley Tisdale casual style

Ashley Tisdale was photographed on her way to and from lunch in Studio City looking casual and low-profile with her medium length straight blonde hair topped with a large gray knit cap.

Ashley Tisdale side view

She wore sunglasses, a white t-shirt, skinny pants and high boots.

Check out more celebrity hairstyles here >>

Photos: WENN

Some recent Celebrity Blouses auctions on eBay:

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Tuesday December 27, 2011 20:21

Kate Middleton Earrings Become Latest Must-Have

Kate Middleton Earrings Become Latest Must-Have
Celebrity News

As she strolled to and from church services Sunday, Kate Middleton’s Christmas fashion turned heads as expected – but not just for her magenta hat and coat.

Adding some holiday sparkle to her already fashionable display was a pair of stunning earrings just visible underneath the Duchess’ (Jane Corbett designed) hat.

They are from Kiki McDonough, and were bought from the designer’s store in London. Retail price: $ 3,000. A Christmas gift from Prince William, perhaps?

Kate Middleton Christmas EarringsKate Middleton's Earrings

The designer, who also made jewelry for Prince William’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales, did not want to comment at length but confirmed the pieces are hers – and that the stones are “green amethysts surrounded by diamonds on a diamond hoop.”

It’s not the first time Kate has worn McDonough’s jewelry, either.

She has two other pairs of earrings from the store: pear shaped citrines hanging from an 18-carat gold hoops and white topaz studs surrounded by diamonds.

The 29-year-old Kate Middleton wore them both on her summer tour trip to Canada and the States. All pieces are from the aptly-named “Grace collection.”

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

Tuesday December 27, 2011 13:17

How To Apply Makeup Like A Celebrity

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Tuesday December 27, 2011 09:31

Hollywood Stars Dish on Holiday Plans

Find out what Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and more have on their wish list for Santa this year!

Tuesday December 27, 2011 09:03

Celebrity of the Year Finalist #3: Charlie Sheen

Celebrity of the Year Finalist #3: Charlie Sheen
Celebrity News

We’re down to the top three.

With the remaining days in 2011 ticking down to zero, THG has been ranking the most newsworthy celebrities of the year, starting at #10 with Lindsay Lohan and moving on, in order, to…

Jennifer Lopez; Selena Gomez; a host of viral video stars; Katy Perry; Justin Bieber; and pretty much everyone in the Royal Family. Now, at #3, we present… Charlie Sheen!

Charlie Sheen Motivational Poster

Due to a relatively quiet second half of the year, it might be easy to forget the unparalleled, unstable tear Sheen was on to kick off 2011. So here is a two-word reminder: Sheen’s Korner.

The shenanigans got underway almost as soon as the calendar turned, as Charlie spent into the six figures on a Las Vegas-based sex and drug romp in January that included strippers, cocaine and plenty of headlines. He was then hospitalized a few days later after a similar party in his home.

From there… wow. Sheen was at the center of a storm truly never seen before in the annals of celebrity gossip. He was in rehab, he was out of rehab. He was fighting publicly with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, who eventually shut down production on that sitcom. He was collecting live-in girlfriends he referred to as “goddesses” and giving interviews in which he bragged about his capacity for cocaine and explained why Thomas Jefferson was a pussy.

The dude totally lost it. Remember all these quotes?

Incredibly, this all happened over the course of just a few weeks. Sheen was fired from the highest-rated sitcom on TV; became the fastest Twitter user to ever amass one million followers; and created the year’s most overused, obnoxious, single-word catchphrase.

But the insane times could not last forever. Or even for six months.

Sheen bombed in a series of live, ridiculous performances, lost his goddesses and went about trying to revive his career. He settled a lawsuit with Warner Bros., appeared contrite in a lame, contrived Emmy speech and somehow convinced FX to give him another shot. The actor will anchor a program based on the film Anger Management in the summer of 2012.

Personally, the star is also back on track. He’s supporting ex-wife Brooke Mueller’s rehab efforts with his own money and spent the holidays on vacation with another ex-wife, Denise Richards. Heck, to anyone born in the last six months, Sheen would come across as a caring, responsible, drama-free father.

But to all of us who lived through his escapades in the winter/spring of 2011, Sheen put on a show unlike any we’ve ever seen before or will see again. It’s simply shocking that the actor himself actually lived through it.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Engage in Literal Dog Fight
Celebrity News

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are involved in a major doggy dilemma. A canine conundrum. A puppy problem for the ages… literally!

While this couple narrowly avoided a wedding in June – when the young blonde essentially stood her much elder fiance up at the altar – and while they have little contact with each other at this point, Hefner tells People Magazine there’s still one very cute point of contention between him and his ex.

Their puppy, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Image

“We both love the puppy,” Hefner said of the dog and the debate over who gets to keep him. “I told her if she wants to keep the ring and the Bentley, then maybe I can keep the puppy. I [hope] we will work it out.”

Of course, even if it doesn’t, we have a feeling the Playboy founder will be okay.

He’s moved on from Harris with Anna Sophia Berglund and Shera Bechard, two busty women we’re assuming he can put to good use in other, doggy-related ways.